Learning and Curriculum


Curriculum guidance   

The intent for curriculum subjects is simply what we want pupils to know and be able to do; the majority of which is provided in the National Curriculum and is then outlined in long term plans in terms of what is being taught when.  Progression Maps add a further layer of detail through mapping the progression of subject strands across school.  

Knowledge Organisers add further to this through identifying key knowledge, vocabulary and understanding for particular topics.


Our approach to teaching different subjects


Stimulus/Inception – Inform/develop ideas/skills – Make – Evaluate   (ART, DT, MUSIC Composition)


Stimulus/Inform – Develop/Practise skills – Perform – Evaluate  (PE, MUSIC, MFL)


Enquire/Hypothesise – Investigate – Evaluate – Conclude   (HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, SCIENCE) 

Behavioural/Reflection – based

Enquire/Study – Reflect/Consider – Discuss/Adjust – Apply/Retain   (RE, PSHE)


Click here for links to the long term plans for learning for each year group. 



                               English                                                                                                                                                                    Maths