Learning and Curriculum


The Curriculum

Our school curriculum is based upon the programmes of study laid down in the National Curriculum. Our approach to teaching across all subjects is designed to ensure the following:

  • The use of oracy and the development of the spoken word will be encouraged
  • Reading will be highly valued and we will endeavour to develop a lifelong love of reading
  • We will strive to develop high aspirations and enterprise among our pupils and their parents
  • We will enable our pupils to form a sense of identity with their community and understand its history and geography through local studies and the use of our environment as a resource for learning
  • We will prepare our children for their role in a global community by widening their understandings of other faiths and cultures
  • We will support and develop our pupils’ emotional and social well-being and their readiness to learn.
  • We will develop children's Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understanding
  • British values are promoted



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