Behaviour Regulation

At Crow Lane we recognise that behaviour is communicative and often reflects an emotion or feeling. Our Behaviour Regulation Policy is grounded in the belief that we are able to develop our ability to self-regulate our emotions and behaviour. Adult and child relationships are integral for this to occur. Through co-regulation of feelings, children learn to become more independent and develop self-regulation. This is directly linked with, and supports, learning through the ongoing development of growth mindset and resilience.

Supporting pupils to develop their understanding

To help children learn to understand how a feeling relates to an emotion, children are encouraged to reflect on which Zone of Regulation they are in.


We use Emotion Coaching to support children to understand, regulate and reflect on their behaviour. 


     The Steps of Emotion Coaching

STEP  1: Recognise the child’s feelings and empathise with them.

STEP  2: Label  the feelings and validate them

STEP  3: Set limits on behaviour (if needed)

STEP  4: Problem-solve with the child.