The PANTS campaign

The NSPCC launched the PANTS campaign three years ago to provide support to parents to enable them to talk to their children about staying safe without even having to use the term sexual abuse.   They based the campaign on a Council of Europe initiative called The Underwear Rule and developed this to form the PANTS acrostic with each letter representing a safety message:
 P gifA gifN gifT gifS gif


Privates are private Always remember your body belongs to you No means no Talk about secrets that upset you Speak up, someone can help.


Since the start of the campaign, they’ve helped over 400,000 parents talk to their children about sexual abuse and developed a range of materials that can be used with young children.
 The PANTS song and animation, aimed at children aged 4-8 years old and it features dinosaurs explaining how to stay safe from abuse, led by a new friendly character, Pantosaurus.


Guide for Parents

Guide for Foster Carers

NSPCC Campaign Website